No Breeze

of little interest or consequence
let the dust settle around us
let the ivy creep around us
bones will be left when it’s done
don’t let it bother you
the sinking and the friends
broken on the floor
nourishing it as they scatter
casually flung into the air
with no breeze to catch it

It’s Dread

it’s dread it’s dread
it’s dread the taste is ripping
and here it lies
get out get out get out NOW
palpable sense of coming after you
is a lie when it nests behind your eyes
flexing it structure
pretending to stalk when it has latched
wrecking the place
THIS please stop feeding

The Crowds Are Difficult Again

The hollowed out, the divot,
temples stuffed full,
packed to the rafters with doubt.
Best to be surrounded
by a select few geniuses
than a swarm of fools,
at least that’s how it should be.
It has crept back in,
making itself at home,
bags and clothes strewn.
The crowds are difficult again,
house and home relentless,
you must interact or else!
The quiet no longer has a seat.
Vertebrae move on marshmallow,
never one to hold my head high.
To be that and then some
but never, if only.

time to lash

get me a shit wig, high heels and a military jacket
let me show you what a non-issue your bulshit is
bring on the buckets of love you fuckers
time to lash you with what you’ve been missing out on
call me a sell out call me fake call me a faggot
you will never know me
i can be whoever you don’t want me to be
and i will strut passed as you lie in your dirt
blood boiling with the bass
shut up the fuck up and watch out

Hollow & Eczema

Take it away from me,
rip it out of my hollow.
Death congeals at my feet,
the sky bears down,
wolves ripping at this corpse.
Rip it away from me
for i cannot deal
with this falseness,
not right now.
Tricks are being played,
longing for treats,
I used to love this time of year.
Skin blisters,
cracks and splits,
losing my fingerprints again.
Body reacting to everything
I can’t put into words
or won’t,
the cold doesn’t help.
I used to love this time of year.

Your Newton’s Cradle

Every experience you will ever have
will add to your own Newton’s Cradle.
Every pendulum added will swing into you
as you grow ever older,.
The slap of the clearest memory,
fading into the distance again.
Only to swing back and slap you again
when you least expect it.