Things I Have A Thing About

I find it incredibly difficult to throw empty shoe boxes away.
I love reusable containers; jam jars, Tupperware and the like.
I simply cannot stand silence of any variety, comfortable or not.
I have no concept or ability to partake in small talk, at all.
I absolutely love small corners and alcoves that I can personalise.
I can’t stand food being on my plate too long, it makes me paranoid.
I often can’t stop myself from stealing cutlery from anywhere.
I find talking to children terrifying, I have no idea what to say to them.
I love buying black hard back A5 notebooks but I never use them.
I cannot stand people who say “chillax”, genuinely or knowingly.
I hate that I smoke but I still think it makes me look cool.
I love and hate, in equal measure, the fact that I am so uncool.

38 thoughts on “Things I Have A Thing About

  1. A wizened fool I judge, embraces his madness. He has a secret, he knows this is the place from which true creativity springs. Only a fool can heal the king.
    I honour your path brother and I love this poem. You walk the beauty way.

  2. Hi there. I like the contrasts in this. They make my mind jerk back and forth, so it’s a bit like riding a mental rollercoaster. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Well..let me start by telling you I have OCD and can relate to some of the things you wrote. lol… I save jars too! Maybe we can start a collection together….

  4. Do you write your poems in silence, or do they naturally emerge from your brain accompanied by music? I need total silence to write (apart from birdsong). Otherwise, my thoughts become too disorganised, which is possibly a symptom of poor concentration. I like to immerse myself totally in whatever I’m creating.

    • Both, sometimes music or an emotion i get from a certain song might inspire me and i will listen to it over and over to keep me in that frame of mind until i’m finished.

      Sometimes listening to the sounds of the place i’m in and how that place makes me feel will inspire me.

      Other times i might have a line, an image or a single idea in my head that i have to write down and expand upon immediately and whether there’s deathly silence or firework display going on around really doesn’t matter as i will be too focused to care.

      • Yes, I know what you mean about emotions that certain songs inspire and the listening to them time and time again. This happens to me more with novel-writing than poetry, as the latter tends to have nature as its inspiration. With novels, a certain piece of music might trigger off an idea, which will develop into an entire scene in my head, but when I’m ready to write the scene, then I’ll turn the music off.

  5. Great post. Thanks for following my blog. I used to suffer from panic attacks horribly and have been hospitalised twice three months at a time for depression. Its nice to meet a blogger close ro home, well, close compared with America Canada and Australia. Im in Leeds, West Yorks

  6. I’m terrified of talking to kids too, because I know they are judging me in ways that their parents will hopefully tell them is not polite to say to people. But we’re all people; we don’t belong on pedestals.

    Thanks for sharing some of your things!

    • lol judging defiantly…

      i always get the whole “taking to them at their level thing wrong”

      for example… if i’m talking to an 8 year old i will either:
      a) talk to them like they are 4 years old
      b) talk to them like their 30 years old

      i can never get it right!!! i don’t know how!


      • Haha. I worked at a camp of 3 to 6-year-olds once, so I got very good at talking to them, and predicting ages in that range. But honestly, if I meet a kid who’s even as old as seven, we don’t connect on any level! Their minds change so fast.

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  8. Nearly each of these lines could be the subject of a separate poem. [Not sure I’d elaborate on the ‘chillax’ pet peeve. LOL]. There is merit in the contrasts presented in this confessional, but I wish I could see what is being done with the shoe boxes and jam jars. A poem entitled “Shoe Boxes” could show your obsession in rich sensory detail, for example. I try to imagine what an artist would do with their collection of shoe boxes and jam jars. Would they present an amassing of them in the corner and say “I like these”? Or would they manipulate them, turn them, upend them, fill them, spill them, hide them?

  9. ‘ditto’ for many of these . Children .. oh my never realised it but its true. Silence – No! I love silence and wish everyone would stop talking sometimes 🙂 Stealing cutlery – can’t imagine why. OCD?
    Nice self revelations .. not hiding behind your curtain LOL. Now you have me wondering about the ‘your’ in your tag line .. hmmmm

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