It’s there! On the horizon!
Can’t you see it’s silhouette?
It’s drawing closer, closer,
creeping in, slithering.
All teeth and claws
and heavy black pelt,
eyes filled with hate.
Too late now… it’s got me.
Blood trickles down,
it’s claws are digging into my back,
clinging on.
It’s singing,
howling noises and random words.
It’s swaying
bearing it’s weight down.
Horrible songs,
ghoulish songs,
cold and malicious.
It’s cutting open the skin
at the base of my neck
forcing it’s way inside me.
Can’t you see it?
It’s burrowing deeper,
biting my insides,
it’s teeth like needles
scratching at the back of my skull,
It’s fur is matted with my blood.
it’s nesting inside me again
and it’s breeding.

14 thoughts on “It…

    • between last nov-feb i suffered with panic attacks nearly everyday. been on antidepressants since march, it’s getting to that time of year again so it’s all my associations with last time creeping in.

      • I feel ya. Just hang in there. What made mine go away was getting off coffee, and yelling at my own mind “It’s not real, so shut the F up.” It eventually did. Haven’t had the attacks for ten years.

  1. Wow… intense! I’m very familiar with It … anxiety/panic. I suffer from depression also … and, I’ll take the depression over the panic any day.

    Winter is usually the worst for me — the short days, the cold. Winter hasn’t started yet, and I’m ready for spring!

    Really great poem … and it describes anxiety/panic very well.

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