forever daydreams of sleep
lusting for the inbetween
no safe haven in interactions.

toxicity of conversations
planting indeas inside you
slowly flooding all marrow.

waterlogged sense of self
heavy wet cardboard rotting
it sets in as roots grow.

esteem burning with infection
emotions wilting one by one
the bone idle death of you.

It’s Not Natural!

Mobile phones are not natural!
TV is not natural!
Pokemon Go is not natural!
Instant Noodles are not natural!
Aeroplanes are not natural!
Chemotherapy is not natural!
Twitter is not natural!
Legal marriage is not natural!
Tupperware is not natural!
The internet is not natural!
Wetherspoons is not natural!
Internet banking is not natural!
Mass Production is not natural!
Fertility treatment is not natural!
Life support is not natural!
Plastic surgery is not natural!
Concrete is not natural!
Books are not natural!
Shopping is not natural!
Money is not natural!
Facebook is not natural!
Arguing on Facebook is not natural!
Fast Food is not natural1
Restaurants are not natural!
Plastic bags is not natural!
Eyeglasses are not natural!
Open heart surgery is not natural!
Coca-Cola is not natural!
Religion is not natural!
Bottled Water is not natural!
PDFs are not natural!
Medicine is not natural!
Lamp shades are not natural!
Computers are not natural!
Bank statements are not natural!
Playgrounds are not natural!
Football is not natural!
Emails are not natural!
Cigarettes are not natural!
Trains are not natural!

Your Newton’s Cradle

Every experience you will ever have
will add to your own Newton’s Cradle.
Every pendulum added will swing into you
as you grow ever older,.
The slap of the clearest memory,
fading into the distance again.
Only to swing back and slap you again
when you least expect it.

Blank Pages

it was found where it was left
after a blank page between middling chapters
maybe two blank pages
actually no
many more in fact
finally past slowly fingered
drawings were inadvertently made
bad graffiti and other desperate art
lost on coarse blank paper
why were they there
too easy to get lost looking for nothing
a break in the book
some unwelcomed void in the story
no matter
the narrative is back on track

too much

too many people
too many voices
drowning again
drowning forever
so much noise
too much noise
not enough quiet
never enough quiet
so many faces
so many ghosts
not my space
never my space
really need quiet
can’t find quiet
so much work
too much work
so much cost
never enough money
loads of art
never enough time
not enough quiet
never enough quiet
so much conversation
so much listening
too much talking
never enough talking
so much love
too much love
too much simplicity
never any clarity
ever so complicated
far too complicated
not enough quiet
never enough quiet