forever daydreams of sleep
lusting for the inbetween
no safe haven in interactions.

toxicity of conversations
planting indeas inside you
slowly flooding all marrow.

waterlogged sense of self
heavy wet cardboard rotting
it sets in as roots grow.

esteem burning with infection
emotions wilting one by one
the bone idle death of you.

Poolside at Dawn

Ash crumbles snowing onto my knee,
his harsh whisky breath burns my eyes,
this deck chair wasn’t built for two.
Chlorine stench and early morning haze,
I trace around his tattoos with my finger,
she’s passed out on the diving board,
naked with her arms dangling down.
I’m gunna kill her first chance I get,
cut her up with my man’s favourite knife.
For now I’ll watch him dream of me
as the sun rises over we three.


Here is the proposal I wrote for my boyfriend made up of song titles, he said Yes!

“Hello, I love you,
You’re the one that I want.
I only have eyes for you,
Without you my life would be boring.
You’re my favourite music,
You make me feel like dancing.
Thank you for loving me,
I will always love you.
You really got me,
You will be adored.
Will you marry me?

P.S. I love you”

(The Doors, Grease, The Flamingos, The Knife, Niko, Leo Sayer, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, The Kinks, Huski, Paula Abdul, The Beatles)