leave me alone

i can smile all i want
bare bone disingenuously
go fuck yourself
you are horrible
leave me alone
its more than i can bare
leave me out of this
save your bullshit
i have to smile
im trapped here
you dont have to be a cunt
why should i care
leave me alone
civility is not challenging
just fuck off

2 thoughts on “leave me alone

  1. Ooh sharing is caring. How are you so fly on my wall too? I hear you brother I guess it’s stuff and nonsense of life that eventually turns us out closer to the muse and she fattens herself on either our gladness or our bold appreciations of our approach to sanity. As usual I am impressed how much naked clarity the words you string together inspire. I know you don’t need me to tell you to keep writing coz I can’t help it either.
    I’m going to add some of my latest stuff soon and I hope you can find some time for a glance…

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