forever daydreams of sleep
lusting for the inbetween
no safe haven in interactions.

toxicity of conversations
planting indeas inside you
slowly flooding all marrow.

waterlogged sense of self
heavy wet cardboard rotting
it sets in as roots grow.

esteem burning with infection
emotions wilting one by one
the bone idle death of you.

Hard Copy Ahoy!

Look what arrived in the post today! Still finding it hard to believe that someone actually published my stuff. I’ve checked out some of the other writers in it too as it’s all great stuff. Will go cover to cover on the weekend but for now the pages with my 2 poems on will be well fingered.


I did get a free e-copy but I purchased the hard copy myself at full price. 50% of profits are being donated to the disability charity Scope so trying to get a free copy would have been very cheeky indeed. For this very good reason though I fully encourage you to buy it in a format of your preference.

Go on, buy buy buy! You know you want to!


Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I5WVYLY

(I feel like I should mention that I don’t see a penny for this at all, which I knew I wouldn’t when I got involved. All profits go to Scope and to Dagda Publishing so they can both continue their great work and grow!)