forever daydreams of sleep
lusting for the inbetween
no safe haven in interactions.

toxicity of conversations
planting indeas inside you
slowly flooding all marrow.

waterlogged sense of self
heavy wet cardboard rotting
it sets in as roots grow.

esteem burning with infection
emotions wilting one by one
the bone idle death of you.


Dixeia lands on palm,
fragments shared
in a pensive ellipse.
Ferris wheel framed,
spinning joy,
in a tree’s gap.
Windy sleeves,
a white mask watches
in a French window.
A bruised side,
a meditation accident
in a Sunday.

A Kaleidoscope of Them

I couldn’t stand us being in the same room together,
it only took five minutes before I kicked them out,
inhabit the world I cry, spread your wings and fly!

Their completed faces had haunted me immediately
and I’m spending too much time staring at strangers,
I’m courting the paranoia and disaster I want to avoid.

Our close proximity scared me when I had finished,
I couldn’t learn to live with them until they were ready,
giving birth to them and abandoning my responsibilities.

I want to be understood vicariously through all of them,
urgency and unnerving reflection has ripped open my back
and underdeveloped butterflies take off from my spine.