It was created but it meant nothing,
not one person could relate to it,
no one cared about it,
not even it’s creator.


Naked and Written

Write your life story on me,
describe your world on my chest,
hide your secrets around me.

Childhood memories on my lower back,
your biggest regrets on my palms
and your fears on my forehead.

Leave space over my heart
ready for your hopes and dreams,
scrawl your fantasies on my thighs.

Every place you’ve ever visited
wrapped around my feet,
list your favourite stars on my eyelids.

Every lover on my lips,
your favourite music on my ears,
a family tree on my belly.

Use every blank space you can find,
get it out of you and leave me here naked,
on the floor for everyone to see.

An Evening Star

Does an evening star
always haunt this long?
It’s memory will not leave me alone,
hanging in the air above my hanging head.
A soft glow that I’ve long since forgotten,
I search the sky aimlessly to see it,
it was far too kind to a wretch like me.
It could have all been a trick of the light,
but it made my blue heart smile.
Everything about it was elegant to me,
welcoming beamed bright from it.
It’s fills me with guilt
to be this preoccupied,
but for a few minutes
I felt warmth.

Walk Home

Grit caught in the scab,
life dragging through treacle.

Bottle ship sails under legs bridge,
umbrella shading its voyage.

Rain inventing rivers and lakes,
dark orange depths created.

Lights of home in the distance,
nearly lost in mud, keep moving.

Don’t fall, don’t cry, calm down,
don’t make a sound.

Passport Photo

This had been put off,
now confronted by face,
ages is not being kind.
Face level and forward,
no expression or fashion
an objective portrait.
Dark circles under eyes,
a sad world weary look,
they haven’t always been.
Scraggly beard, pale skin,
needing sun and a shave,
close to thirty and look it.
Get the forms filled out,
this face needs a holiday,
in search of warmer climes.

Against The Storm

Rain water cascading
down my bare chest,
come at me now,
give me everything you’ve got!
You are cloud fists
and foreboding violence.
I stand here naked
and ready to take you on.