Haiku (No. 11 – 14)

Haiku No.11

Swirling into sex,
a line you have never seen,
a new boundary crossed.


Haiku No.12

Cold love floods your room,
your banks breaking left and right,
love left on your floor.


Haiku No.13

Need we say more now,
take the ideas and run fast,
smash their bad attitudes.


Haiku No.14

Please don’t stand ideally,
on the sidelines as some die,
save them (thus the world).


Haiku (No. 6 – 10)

Haiku No.6

Pained late night solo,
empty stomach and half dream,
stresses in the morn.


Haiku No.7

You’re under a tree,
I am years away from you,
you sing me your songs.


Haiku No.8

Palms and body sweat,
they ask again, who are you?
I have no answer.


Haiku No.9

Slept longer than should,
up all night writing haikus,
avoiding parts of life.


Haiku No.10

Colours move water,
the right direction is here,
visions move upstream.

Haiku (No. 1 – 5)

Haiku No.1

I want to be there,
a drawing for you to love,
shaded in your hope.


Haiku No.2

A deep blue sea dream,
we are fast on the dark waves,
lighthouse calling us.


Haiku No.3

You were there waiting,
I was here too tired to speak,
then I hit the floor.


Haiku No.4

She owns the stage hard,
swinging her matted hair,
screaming about love.


Haiku No.5

Caged in bad old air,
stifled in summer’s mad heat.
Caged in a cage, bored.