How They See You Now

Their eyes
have changed,
brow and lids
are learning,
their language
has morphed.
A ‘new’ beast
before them,
so similar yet
so different.
You, the same,
their perspective
of you
has changed.


This convalescence is false,
a lie within pills and time,
the faux-promise dispensed.

Deconstruction held distant,
patched up and sent away,
return for more glue and tape.

Talks needed and not given,
foundations left here to rot,
a house of cards built on top.

Quick fix to a growing problem,
wider and deeper, more filler,
digging deeper within the soul.

This convalescence is false,
a lie within pills and time.
Smile, the world is watching.

a miserable room

a miserable room
late afternoon death
smeared on the walls
the same old grey blue
all the dying candles
niggling neck pains
all the foisty cottons
chewed up fingernails
crumbs and dust
some papers wasted
a miserable room
and lukewarm me


The ground will forever refuse
to get close to you,
a fear the world harbors.
To live in the red stains
on the white,
environments made of accidents.
Weak at the knees,
failing with the ripe old age,
an ache,
a pain,
a screaming bend.
Never expect to find us again
once the lights go out,
you will hate what we’ve done.


i kinda hate everybody right now
no exceptions especially myself
yes that does include you
a stinking mess of judgements
false meanings and false walls
your standards are not mine
a perspective around closed doors
our dicks are not the same
should i make myself vomit
maybe remove all my body hair
you painted this hell for no reason
only to whitewash it the next day
drum roll please as we smile
this may never happen again

My Dearest Violeah

My dearest Violeah,
you are so lost in the longing,
busy enveloping someone ever so firm,
dancing in the afternoon haze,
observed by distant crowds.

My dearest Violeah,
stop dreaming and start feeling,
his body will break your heart one day,
he’s not worth your tears,
but your hair will follow him.

My dearest Violeah,
your life as their woman is a half lie,
their imposing fog clouded your judgement,
you will dance on their graves,
maybe not today but someday soon.


Slowly caressing the walls,
a rising, a steady creep,
sliding over and consuming flesh.
Heavy heat hangs over,
oppressive and firm,
beads rolling down you.
Leaning one way, then the other,
a tilt in their direction,
with meat between your teeth.