Things I Have A Thing About II

I have an irrational fear of my body being ripped apart like a wishbone.
I can’t stand cold, dark winter mornings any more. They feel like death.
I find the faded glory of urban decay fascinating.
One of my ambitions is to own a sound proof isolation tank, honestly.
I always feel guilty for being happy in the presence of other people.
I love black & white shoes, I don’t like wearing shoes that aren’t.
I find the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces uncomfortable and disturbing.
I’m terrified of being in water I can’t see the bottom of.
I’m repulsed by my envy of attractive men, it gets me down.
I seem to always get worse at things the more I do them.

[Link: “Things I Have A Thing About I“]

Things I Have A Thing About

I find it incredibly difficult to throw empty shoe boxes away.
I love reusable containers; jam jars, Tupperware and the like.
I simply cannot stand silence of any variety, comfortable or not.
I have no concept or ability to partake in small talk, at all.
I absolutely love small corners and alcoves that I can personalise.
I can’t stand food being on my plate too long, it makes me paranoid.
I often can’t stop myself from stealing cutlery from anywhere.
I find talking to children terrifying, I have no idea what to say to them.
I love buying black hard back A5 notebooks but I never use them.
I cannot stand people who say “chillax”, genuinely or knowingly.
I hate that I smoke but I still think it makes me look cool.
I love and hate, in equal measure, the fact that I am so uncool.