Haiku (No. 11 – 14)

Haiku No.11

Swirling into sex,
a line you have never seen,
a new boundary crossed.


Haiku No.12

Cold love floods your room,
your banks breaking left and right,
love left on your floor.


Haiku No.13

Need we say more now,
take the ideas and run fast,
smash their bad attitudes.


Haiku No.14

Please don’t stand ideally,
on the sidelines as some die,
save them (thus the world).

Lingering Regrets

The horrors of two mirrors colliding.
When the city collapsed into the lake
you left me alone in what was left.
My crystal eyes fell upon its fat belly.
as it screamed the names of every ghost,
every ghost I have ever known,
every thought that haunted too long,
every face that hated everything.
Depths invaded by the snide and hands,
sifting through seeds and flesh,
it’s not in here, where else could it be?
All stolen by the wrong one,
held down by the right,
down here is your castle’s future
and fate has fucked you senseless.

Against The Storm

Rain water cascading
down my bare chest,
come at me now,
give me everything you’ve got!
You are cloud fists
and foreboding violence.
I stand here naked
and ready to take you on.

Haiku (No. 6 – 10)

Haiku No.6

Pained late night solo,
empty stomach and half dream,
stresses in the morn.


Haiku No.7

You’re under a tree,
I am years away from you,
you sing me your songs.


Haiku No.8

Palms and body sweat,
they ask again, who are you?
I have no answer.


Haiku No.9

Slept longer than should,
up all night writing haikus,
avoiding parts of life.


Haiku No.10

Colours move water,
the right direction is here,
visions move upstream.

Things I Have A Thing About II

I have an irrational fear of my body being ripped apart like a wishbone.
I can’t stand cold, dark winter mornings any more. They feel like death.
I find the faded glory of urban decay fascinating.
One of my ambitions is to own a sound proof isolation tank, honestly.
I always feel guilty for being happy in the presence of other people.
I love black & white shoes, I don’t like wearing shoes that aren’t.
I find the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces uncomfortable and disturbing.
I’m terrified of being in water I can’t see the bottom of.
I’m repulsed by my envy of attractive men, it gets me down.
I seem to always get worse at things the more I do them.

[Link: “Things I Have A Thing About I“]

Cliché & Melodrama

Is there anyway to articulate this without sounding melodramatic?
To have these thoughts considered without sounding self indulgent?
No, I thought not.

I want the whole world to shut the fuck up and leave me alone.
Sick to death of pushing up hill when everyone around me free-wheels.
Everything is easy to them.

It’s happening again and no-one helped me the last time.
Failing, drowning, smothered, exposed and cross examined.
Bored of the fight.

Listening to the surroundings of everyone droning on and on relentlessly.
Memory, mood, heart and physicality grinding slowly to a halt.
They scream out of focus.

Feeling suicidal again, it makes me sick to even acknowledge it.
Nothing is ever good enough and I’m relentlessly bombarded.
I want it all to fucking stop.

It Took A Cup Of Coffee…

Staring at torn up sugar sachets
in the bottom of the coffee cup,
self indulgent sightseeing of options,
swallowing all the help I can find,
washing them down with juniper.

Conversations torn up quickly
and rearranged to suit your view,
painting a terrible caricature of me
or possibly the truth I’m not sure.
I don’t think I’ll never be sure again.

An old song sneaks into my head,
I’m sent off topic and out of time,
mind now lost between then and now
We’ve stopped talking again,
where to begin?