The Rolling Heart

My heart has hit the floor and it’s rolling,
violent waves inside moving forward and back,
my little dread filled ocean of red.

It is sinking within itself over and over,
reaching the bottom to float to the top,
to sink again while it escapes me.

If only it would break but for now it just cracks,
hair line fractures on its cold dead walls,
mapping its way over its veins.

Wishing it would just come home and flutter,
to quiver with excitement once more,
tickled from below by butterflies.

Naked and Written

Write your life story on me,
describe your world on my chest,
hide your secrets around me.

Childhood memories on my lower back,
your biggest regrets on my palms
and your fears on my forehead.

Leave space over my heart
ready for your hopes and dreams,
scrawl your fantasies on my thighs.

Every place you’ve ever visited
wrapped around my feet,
list your favourite stars on my eyelids.

Every lover on my lips,
your favourite music on my ears,
a family tree on my belly.

Use every blank space you can find,
get it out of you and leave me here naked,
on the floor for everyone to see.

Glass Space Disco

everyone is dancing
clear glass floor of colours
slow motion looking hot
wanted, loved and alive
euphoric palm strokes
looking me in the eye
caressing my face
getting our swagger on
in between lust
in the middle of love
i’ve never been seen
like you see me right now
lasers and smoke begin
we strut we sway
a glass space disco
in every colour we know
surrounded by stars
busting through clouds
oh my god
they’re playing my song

Ms. Luna LaLune

The crescent moon is performing a striptease in tonight’s sky,
a sheet of cloud covering her modesty, draped over her curves.
Shades of pink and rouge, she blushes all over under spotlight stars,
the city skyline a wonky stage in the skies smoky cabaret club.
She picks up a factory’s chimney, uses it to hold her cigarette
and uses a nearby abandoned car park for an ashtray.

A drunken fool heckles her, “Are you Méliès’s moon in drag?”
Insulted, she lifts her leg high above his head to prove him wrong.
Picking out a rhythm from the world below, a heavy goods train,
she struts, she poses, she strips, seducing everyone in the world.
She takes her bow and goes backstage as the house sun lights comes up,
A gentleman, a fan, smoking on his balcony, tips his hat to her and claps.

Trolleys Full Of Stars

Our chest is filled with hatpins and knitting needles.
We know how to love but have to stop for now.
Someone’s mind has changed out of the deep blue.
For too long we have been lost in fascinating decay.
The full moon chimes out across the night skies.
Armed with a sextant and celestial map we roam,
in between galaxies, bin bags and trolleys full of stars.
We join the dots and create our own constellations.
Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight, is you.