Places In Between

It’s a saunter, a wander not seen on earth,
blinking is no longer necessary here,
blank stares adorn those who still have eyes.

Lingering in lifeboats accompanied by a lantern,
some are found under the water, drifting,
an armada of souls sailing for now and forever.

Boundaries always move, catching them off guard,
walking for miles then hitting a white wall,
take ten steps to the right and there’s another.

Lost in the cracks between rhyme and reason,
relics of a period that will never happen,
an endless search for a familiar place.


A Cloud in a Cardboard Box

Soft sobs are muffled,
he has lost his way,
he has lost his friends,
a lonely blue cloud
in a cardboard box.

He weeps and weeps,
praying to be found,
sodden with sad rain,
his little face so glum,
blue fluffy melancholy.

He sings soft songs,
comforting himself,
embracing himself,
his weak arms hug,
squeezing pain out.

The box opens up,
sunlight rushes in,
arms reach down,
he smiles so hard,
he has been found!

To be held like that,
he wept so hard,
from heaviest blue,
to the lightest white,
his soul is now clean.