The Rolling Heart

My heart has hit the floor and it’s rolling,
violent waves inside moving forward and back,
my little dread filled ocean of red.

It is sinking within itself over and over,
reaching the bottom to float to the top,
to sink again while it escapes me.

If only it would break but for now it just cracks,
hair line fractures on its cold dead walls,
mapping its way over its veins.

Wishing it would just come home and flutter,
to quiver with excitement once more,
tickled from below by butterflies.


the blood makes for fine writing
red washing the statistics
a scream you cannot hide
dark patches of age and uncleanliness
watch these desks flip
soon to find the slices and let it out
draining more if needs be
look at these eyes
watch the shoulder muscles tense
ripples of your fate course through
a belief in explosions to be shared
joys in cracking ribs until you learn
proclamations by the fist full
piss is too crude and easily given up
splashes of blood mean something
means sacrifice means heart
we will bleed on your hate
your hate will be drowned out
sentences in bloodlove will stain
read what you see for it won’t leave
palms won’t hide you from this
laughs will not ripple through
not until this ends


It’s there! On the horizon!
Can’t you see it’s silhouette?
It’s drawing closer, closer,
creeping in, slithering.
All teeth and claws
and heavy black pelt,
eyes filled with hate.
Too late now… it’s got me.
Blood trickles down,
it’s claws are digging into my back,
clinging on.
It’s singing,
howling noises and random words.
It’s swaying
bearing it’s weight down.
Horrible songs,
ghoulish songs,
cold and malicious.
It’s cutting open the skin
at the base of my neck
forcing it’s way inside me.
Can’t you see it?
It’s burrowing deeper,
biting my insides,
it’s teeth like needles
scratching at the back of my skull,
It’s fur is matted with my blood.
it’s nesting inside me again
and it’s breeding.