Places In Between

It’s a saunter, a wander not seen on earth,
blinking is no longer necessary here,
blank stares adorn those who still have eyes.

Lingering in lifeboats accompanied by a lantern,
some are found under the water, drifting,
an armada of souls sailing for now and forever.

Boundaries always move, catching them off guard,
walking for miles then hitting a white wall,
take ten steps to the right and there’s another.

Lost in the cracks between rhyme and reason,
relics of a period that will never happen,
an endless search for a familiar place.


7 thoughts on “Places In Between

    • lol thank you
      i’ve been suffering a massive case of writers block. trying hard to get my juices flowing again. a lot of self doubt over the quality of my writing and just a general lack of time to sit quietly and dwell on things long enough to write any good ideas down.

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