you fucked us

soaked in your piss
and covered in your shit
for days and days now
drowning in your semen and painted
in your menstrual blood
ripping your chests apart
you have fucked everything and everyone
your cunt made this world crumble
and your cock has made us bleed
scream hard moan writhe make it end
my anus is yours
fuck us again


3 thoughts on “you fucked us

  1. I think you meant ‘semen’. To be honest, I don’t care about vulgar words in poems, there is a place for them, as for every word, and when they can be used effectively, use them. But using too many at once (and I give you an ‘A’ for effort) is like writing poems in all caps…it just gets wearisome to read. You have a great idea for a poem and a good sense of how to drive your point home. I just think you can do better with less shock and more targeted emotional and vulgar nuance.

  2. Contrary to the other comment, I think the poem works great as is … the choice of words adds to the sense of how depression and anxiety rape your mind … very powerful.

  3. I too think that this is an extremely powerful poem. The sins of the parents vested on the children, man’s inhumanity to man and it just keeps going on! Bravo do not change a word! xx

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