too much

too many people
too many voices
drowning again
drowning forever
so much noise
too much noise
not enough quiet
never enough quiet
so many faces
so many ghosts
not my space
never my space
really need quiet
can’t find quiet
so much work
too much work
so much cost
never enough money
loads of art
never enough time
not enough quiet
never enough quiet
so much conversation
so much listening
too much talking
never enough talking
so much love
too much love
too much simplicity
never any clarity
ever so complicated
far too complicated
not enough quiet
never enough quiet


10 thoughts on “too much

    • adverts yes defiantly, but also with everything: work, conversations, bills, social airs and graces/expectations etc etc. I work in a call centre so everything i say is scripted so i’m bombarded with the same over rehearsed bullshit rattling around my skull all day giving me a headache.
      … all very first world/bourgeois problems i know but i just want some quiet alone time lol.

  1. haunting poem of restless noise and intrusions on ones space – even worries can be like noise – then one needs to retreat into the quiet of self and silence the mind and without asking or hoping or looking or hearing for anything be mindful in a meditative process of listening – thyen one will hear that which is not noise – hear the stillness speak

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