The Dream Of The Children Who Jump Like Salmon

Their parents had to flee their country,
they all had their reasons.
Viewing this event I’m ignorant,
I’ve never seen anything quite like it.
They waited at the dock for the children to arrive,
a steam boat returning across the waters.

They only had five minutes
before the authorities became aware.
The children are not allowed on this land,
their boat was spotted way off in the distance.
Hearts bleed and throats scream,
reaching their arms down over the railings.

Overcome with joy the children jumped in
and swam up the dock.
What happened next I simply cannot explain,
it can only described for it was beyond me.
The children leapt up out of the water
and grabbed onto their parents arms.

Hoisted up and embraced with metal in between them,
thier little feet dangled many metres above the water.
They hung on for as long as possible
before they lost their grip and fell back into the salt water.
With only moments to spare they leapt back into their arms,
condensing all their love into words into minutes.

The boatman blew a whistle violently,
the wailing became unbearable as they parted.
The children who jump like salmon swam back,
not knowing if or when they’ll see their parents again.
They drifted off silently into the night
and their parents disbursed quickly before the police arrived.

Standing confused and stunned I was questioned,
I tried asking why the children couldn’t enter the country.
Giving descriptions as vague as possible, blamed on the fog
they left me alone to investigate the incident.
I cried as I walked away, why was I there?
there was no reason to be there at midnight in the first place.

The way the children had leapt up,
the way their parents could only hold them there.
Why was it illegal for them to set foot on land?
Why had they fled without their children?
The pavement is now covered in morning dew,
I must have been walking all night.


3 thoughts on “The Dream Of The Children Who Jump Like Salmon

  1. OH! that is so beautifully sad! I saw it all played out in front of my eyes. Why I screamed , as a mother, guessing the parent’s pain . Why are they standing there watching the tides go out and in again?. Why , why were you there why did you have to witness this sorry sight . Why did you walk so long? can you no longer sleep at night.?

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