Killed In Action

It’s a recurring scene I’ve seen in many films
Saving Private Ryan and Big Fish spring to mind
but of course there have been many others,
of a mother or a wife receiving terrible news
that their loved one has been killed in battle.
The blank shocked look and their legs giving out,
falling to be caught by the porch or the pavement
gets me every time, my heart goes out to the reality.


4 thoughts on “Killed In Action

  1. Yes my heart bleeds too, and yet sometimes coming home is worse even than death. Now I don’t mean they would be better off dead or that I wish them dead, I just mean sometimes they come back to so little reward or recognition, no help…………… I can’t explain this. You post was excellent and on the point!

      • I am so glad you understood, I shall look the film up. Talking of brothers, my brother retired from a lifelong career in the arm( war tours included) to work for SAFFA he now helps returning soldiers who find it hard to cope, he also helps widows and families.He also takes young people out to visit the trenches out in france to show them how awful the first world war was ………. no glamour………

  2. Wonderful post. The thing that always gets me about those films is the “real” moments, or the “human” moments, if you will. In Saving Private Ryan when he starts talking about not knowing why he pretended to be asleep when his mom was just wanting to ask about his day, I always tear up.

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