Things I Have A Thing About II

I have an irrational fear of my body being ripped apart like a wishbone.
I can’t stand cold, dark winter mornings any more. They feel like death.
I find the faded glory of urban decay fascinating.
One of my ambitions is to own a sound proof isolation tank, honestly.
I always feel guilty for being happy in the presence of other people.
I love black & white shoes, I don’t like wearing shoes that aren’t.
I find the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces uncomfortable and disturbing.
I’m terrified of being in water I can’t see the bottom of.
I’m repulsed by my envy of attractive men, it gets me down.
I seem to always get worse at things the more I do them.

[Link: “Things I Have A Thing About I“]


9 thoughts on “Things I Have A Thing About II

    • I have to agree in urban decay its so satisfyingly beautiful, because it shouldn’t be there and its all broken and dark, but so mysterious and unloved. I like it..

      As for the rest, I hope all of that makes you happy, because it should – you are very unique and I love the way you think, its so much more interesting then everyone else.

      Jigsaw pieces? That is so strange, yet so brilliant! I wonder why you feel that way.

      Anyway all I can say is you might get worse and some things but that doesn’t show through in your writing.

  1. Very dark. Regarding your last verse: I wonder whether our expectations simply grow with every attempt, so perhaps it is not that we get worse at doing things, but our perception of how we are doing them alters?

    • Yeah, not that long ago, maybe 5 or so years, there was an advert for higher education which had people with massive puzzle pieces cut out of them (illustrating that the missed part of themselves was further education) and it freaked me out no end.

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