Cliché & Melodrama

Is there anyway to articulate this without sounding melodramatic?
To have these thoughts considered without sounding self indulgent?
No, I thought not.

I want the whole world to shut the fuck up and leave me alone.
Sick to death of pushing up hill when everyone around me free-wheels.
Everything is easy to them.

It’s happening again and no-one helped me the last time.
Failing, drowning, smothered, exposed and cross examined.
Bored of the fight.

Listening to the surroundings of everyone droning on and on relentlessly.
Memory, mood, heart and physicality grinding slowly to a halt.
They scream out of focus.

Feeling suicidal again, it makes me sick to even acknowledge it.
Nothing is ever good enough and I’m relentlessly bombarded.
I want it all to fucking stop.


6 thoughts on “Cliché & Melodrama

  1. I’m not sure what to say or indeed whether to say anything. As Franklin Roosevelt said “when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”. Or something like that. And he was american. I like your poem alot.

  2. With due respect and consideration for you and your challenges, to wallow in the mire, is a choice. I’ve been there, got sick and tired of it, and chose to pull myyself out of it. It is doable, if desired.

  3. oh man, if only you could just get out of wherever you are and do something completely different. It so rubbish having to feel that way, sometimes I do, but when I quit my job and just saw where it took me.

    Its obvious to me from your writing that you do get allot more out of life then most people. It seems to me that you have keen senses and a good eye and it thus must be good enough life, otherwise you wouldn’t write about anything at all.. I don’t know.. I’m a complete stranger and I just feel I need to say that.. because you are clearly talented and I’m not saying that just to make you feel better.. I just really like the feeling in all you say, and I think other people do too. So I really hope you get out there and pay less attention to people that don’t fit into your life, or places that bring you down, just always follow what inspires you instead, that can only ever lead to good things.

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