A Generic Dystopian Sci-Fi Story

The world has gone mad since the eggs landed,
cities have been abandoned for fear of them hatching.

Only two of them have so far
and we barely took them down.
Many good men and woman were lost in the battle.

Hundreds of them litter the streets,
indestructible shells,
when the war finally begins humanity will end.

The governments (what’s left of them anyway)
are trying to gather them up,
planning to place them somewhere and nuke them.
Radiation doesn’t seem to affect them much,
but it’s the only plan they have.

It’s a slow process, volunteers are hard to find,
most people have moved out of populated areas
trying to find remote and unclaimed isolated places to live and hide.

Those who have stayed in the cities live an outlaw existence,
humanity is it’s own enemy when dread hangs…
it’s not a question of if, but when.

People spend a lot of time dwelling on art these days,
how all the generic dystopian sci-fi stories were accurate
and trying to find answers in them as to how to survive.


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