The Bay

The water has never been this still,
the board walk creaks as I haunt.

A mosaic hero stands his ground,
art hiding the wheels of industry.

Sailors by a battleship smoke,
warm grey rain paints the scene.

Ducks and seagulls converse,
I breathe in, say nothing and smile.


8 thoughts on “The Bay

  1. Wonderful visualisation of a bay and how a thread weaves through disparate aspects observed.

    When you write, ” I breathe in, say nothing and smile.” what are you really thinking?


    • i was enjoying the relative silence, no one was around at that time in the morning and everything including the water was so still
      [this pic captures the moment in question perfectly ]

      it’s a big tourist place, i don’t think i’ve ever really been there when it wasn’t fairly busy.

      i took a personal day off work to get my head together for various reasons and for around 7 hours i didn’t talk to anyone, phone/txt anyone, didn’t listen to music and didn’t go on the internet.

      First half of the day was spent mooching around the bay with my camera,

      …then i went home, sat in the dark and watched agurrie the wrath of god and anna karenina by candle light, with soup…

      then i went to meet my fiance for a coffee feeling relatively refreshed šŸ™‚

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