Twitter #MicroPoetry (No.11 & 12)

140 No.11

If only to be lost in your grass for the 27 days.
Endlessness ravaging our passions for each other.
They are waiting there inside of it all.


140 No.12

In the blink of your eye,
seconds found,
space looms and cracks.
You hug nothing,
nothing hugs you back,
you both sway,
spinning in an iris.


10 thoughts on “Twitter #MicroPoetry (No.11 & 12)

    • certainly not new… apparently it was first considered to be poems of 20 words or less but with the birth of twitter it’s turned into 140 characters or less…

      my twitter micro poems use exactly 140 characters including punctuation etc. no more no less.

      I have done other micro poetry as well that are either 20 words, 140 character and/or less as well which are separate but i like the challenge of using exactly 140 characters to say something.

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