Untitled XV

I keep quiet,
I keep myself to myself,
why am I hated so much?


10 thoughts on “Untitled XV

  1. let us not impose solutions from up on high
    my reply is – many of us wish to be left alone, you are not the only one – when that happens people say that one is asocial or even anti social – but it really does not matter what people say – each one of us has his own nature and a right to it – if you like peace and solitude and others dont like it – you can say to them, i dont care what you think, this is what I am – – sometimes people can drive you furthrter into a corner – the art is to be what you are and believe that that is right for you – who cares for that kind of LOVE or HATE in any case?

  2. While I don’t feel hated, but I think I can understand. I myself keep to myself simply because I am one that doesn’t go with the crowd, I live in what I consider reality when everyone else sees the world thru rose colored glasses. I find that asking people to explain why they believe something, makes them uncomfortable and sometimes angry. Hmm, maybe they do hate me after all. I speak the truth as I see it even when sugar coating is whats needed. I don’t know sugar coating. Well at any rate, I say be yourself even if it means a lonely road. There will always be a couple people that will hang around.

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