The Tear Collector

One window and one door
and a table with a vase.
A collection of teaspoons,
some ornate, some plain,
await to catch my tears,
collecting every last one,
in the vase on the table.
Never leaving this room,
dedicated all my time,
much sadness to catch,
nervous to face outside.
I don’t know what to do,
my vase is overflowing.


10 thoughts on “The Tear Collector

  1. Aw, you make candles like I saw in “Our Idiot Brother” I just read you might be from the UK? So, I am not sure if you saw that or not. Take it as a compliment though. I am somewhat of an idealist too. Well, I just see things how they are. I understand every tag that you tagged in your poem. I have suffered from panic attacks since I was was probably 3 years old wide awake in my bed at 3 am thinking a demon or a witch was going to get me. Socially awkward. Check. Social Anxiety. Check. Almost full on agoraphobic. Check. Check. If you ever want to talk sometime let me know. And also, check out my playlists I don’t know if I wrote that link out right, but I think you’d get them.



    “much sadness to catch,
    nervous to face outside.
    I don’t know what to do,
    my vase is overflowing”


    • yeah i’m from the UK but i did see our idiot brother last year (think it went straight-to-dvd here recently but i illegally downloaded it, shhh), emily mortimer is one of my favourite actresses (check out “city island”, “hugo” and “transiberian” if you haven’t already). maybe i was influenced by the film as i only started making candles early this year to recycle all the left over wax from the church candles we buy. i’ve only really suffered with panic attacks since i was 18/19ish but i was always a nervous child. i’m glad you like my poem and you might have seen i’ve online stalked you quite quickly on and 8tracks (accounts under my real surname, keddie is my mothers maiden name) and shall do the same on twit now, i’m usually around haunting one or another corner of the internet ready to shoot the breeze. glad to make your acquittance πŸ™‚
      IJ. x

      • I am just happy to have a fan. I haven’t really been keeping up with my musical duties lately, I will make you an extraordinary mix some day soon. So cool you’re a Brit! Welcome to hell haha,

      • well i will have to make you a mix in return.
        i don’t think that being a brit is that cool
        i’m pretty full on brit as well;
        part english, part scottish & part welsh
        with some northern irish somewhere in the blood line apparently
        and i’m engaged to a welshman lol πŸ™‚
        can’t see on your blog where in this world you reside?
        i’m stalking on twitter now, with both my personal and poetry accounts πŸ˜‰

      • My descendants (great great grandparents) Are from Eastern Europe. They came over here through Ellis Island. My last name is Czech. It was shortened when they moved here. It used to be Ribarova which means the fisherman in Czech. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. A conservative shit hole. I do not intend to stay longer than I have to. But, I just had hip surgery and I am recovering from that and my parents need my help right now.

    • Cool,
      Cincinnati… that’s where Harry’s Law is set! loved that show! πŸ™‚
      i’m originally from York which is one of the most white boring middle class places in this country with next to zero diversity so i got out the first chance i had… went to university in Cheltenham, which is pretty much at the other end of the country. now i’m living in Cardiff which is a great city πŸ™‚
      hope you get well soon. x

  2. There was a time when I too saw more of the “ugliness” than the “beauty”. This changed when I made the decision to consciously look daily for the beauty. Not easy! Overtime I learned that even amidst the darkness there is always a flicker of light–hope. May one day you discover that flicker of light.

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