The Old Book Shop

The smell of the old book shop is
enveloping me and drifts around
on the warm late summer breeze.

An impressive feat of mustiness,
when you consider that right now,
I’m at the other end of the street.


13 thoughts on “The Old Book Shop

  1. I think what you are saying or suspecting is that you need in future to draw on the literary past. I take this as a symbolic or dream poem no matter whatever precisely you may have intended during the evening of a British heat wave.

    • I have my own interpretation as to what it means to me… but it was inspired by the old second hand book shop in the morgans quarter, cardiff… i went there on my morning break and i honest to god could the really (REALLY) strong smell of the old books from the end of the street, since it was stupidly humid and they had their door propped open, the smell was becoming me.

    • the feet/feat thing was a rush job thing as i wrote and posted it at work and i shouldn’t be on the internet. i’ve changed it now.

      i’m not sure how digital mildew will manifest, maybe it can be worked into future ebook devices as a sort of “smell-o-vision” gimmick… OR perhaps when you buy an ebook, amazon or whoever will post you out a old book scratch and sniff card!

      …if anything has come out of this thought though it’s that “Digital Mildew” could be a cool name for a band…

      • I’m in a band.. Don’t think the guys wld appreciate the mildew part coz they’re all over 40.. ! Definitely an inspiring thought though . Ill see what I make of it if you will?
        It’s your work, so I won’t do anymore than point out that the feet, feat thing sure worked as an emphasis and it drew me in . Sometimes, consciousness gets in the way of the emotion of a thought. I would have considered it “inspired”, and left it alone. But I like raw when it comes to writing lyrics, poetry.

        So I’m off to rehearse with the rest of KillGill.. Ill write you a thought while I’m there! πŸ˜‰

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