The Bat

The bat calls from the window,
“Come with me and I will show you the future.”
I ponder… I accept,
choosing to leave my glasses behind
to keep uncertain certainty out of focus.
Up over the sky and past time,
he shows me my death
and everything in between.


18 thoughts on “The Bat

    • my anxieties about my future, whether i can truly improve myself (physically, mentally, professionally, socially), wanting to know what’s in store but if that was an actual possibility would i really want to look (pretty cliched)… i was thinking about all this when i was drunk last night, our living room has a juilet balcony and when i’m smoking i always watch the bats fly past, but last night when i was washing up in the kitchen one kept on squeaking by the living room window, sounding like it was calling me to come to the window… i just projected my then current mind set onto his intentions..

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