The Black Cardigan

There is a lack of respect in this world as I pummel through sentences that mean nothing to us.
If you are not that fascinated with shoes or slabs you should pick your eyes up off the floor.
Drinking in the black cardigan as if the mundaneness of everyday life does not matter any more.
Stride forward and claim the blue and purple plumes while it spits into the eyes of our freedom.
Staring into the wrong corner, you catch the reflection of the television screen in the shower head.
It may or may not choose at any moment to slip off your back and prevent everything from happening.
Whispering hatred and art in your ear before it slivers a tar black sleeve down your throat.
At last fully consumed by yourself in a world gone mad.


4 thoughts on “The Black Cardigan

    • partly… it’s about being so involved with your own problems and consumed by your own self importance in a world that doesn’t care and/or has far more important stuff to worry about (like war, cancer, the stuff happening in egypt and russia at the moment, etc). the black cardigan is one of my favourite items of clothing so i used that to symbolise my vain self importance smothering me, and i know thats wrong but i can’t stop it.

    • it’s not like that all the time, but it can paralyse you from time to time, which of course it still no good, never out of choice, we’re all different, trust me i’d love to give life the damn good shaking it deserves lol.

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