Man II

My power and anger are unlocked,
I must not shy away.

I am a man,
a British citizen,
a homosexual,
and everything else of me,
I am proud of these things.

I have shied away from masculinity
and femininity,
to be an entity unto myself,
my own variation,
and isolated from the world.

I have cried
but I am privileged.
It seems a bit late in the day
to accept myself fully
but I have.

I need to help
I need to prepare for war.

I am a Man.
I have a beard
and a cock.

I need my neglected aggression.

My heart
hopes and dies
over and over
in the ebb and flow
of this world.

I am on a roll right now,
but my depression will hit.
It will drag me down.

But I must go on,
break away from the heavy stones
on my corners,
bust through and fight,
prevail, learn
and grow.

Biology and mind are our clay,
we can mold and create,
nurture or change,
be ourselves
and be proud.

For I am a Man,
a British citizen,
a homosexual,
a son,
a brother,
a fiancé,
a worker,
and everything else of me.

You are whoever you are
and everything else of you.

I am Me,
other people are not,
we are all
and it takes all sorts
to make a world.


8 thoughts on “Man II

    • than you very much, this was a bit of a personal (if indulgent and pseudo gender political) statement of intent and purpose… i was just honest with myself and proclaimed.

    • Thank you for relating, it means a lot.
      I always felt to gay too hang around guys and too “straight acting” (urgh, lack of a better phrase) to hang around with girls so i had to invent myself into something away from it it, my own masculinity.
      But i’d like to think i kept that bit vague enough to be applied to straight, gay, trans, bi, third sex, asexual et al people… we are all judged by the yardstick of man and woman and what characteristics makes them, but i believe in a sliding scale and/or other options are available.
      (i apologise for the sanctimoniousness of that waffle, would love to hear how you interpreted it)

      • Hey, that’s not sanctimonious at all! I related to it in terms of my own background: As a child starting pre-school I was bewildered by the gender division, but put it down to some childish game. Then I got to school and was told that as I was a girl, I couldn’t play football (which I loved) only netball, and from then on I would do enough to conform so as not to be singled out as different, but inwardly resenting the barriers. It was a bit of a relief to reach the senior years where being interested in boys was acceptable (even if it was a certain kind of interest I was meant to have). These days I view my physical sex as simply the vehicle I drive in, and I don’t particularly identify with any sexuality (my relationships have been hetro, but I wouldn’t rule anything out). I still don’t fit exactly, but I trust myself to get on with people regardless 😊

    • we all love a good bit of camping, i hope you have a national trust membership for there are some lovely stately homes and gardens in this part of the world. IJ.x

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