Guerrilla Poetry Exercise: Fuck You Junk Mail!

When you get some junk mail about credit cards or some shit, take the opportunity to use their free post return envelope to mail them some examples of your poetry (Anonymously and Do NOT Return Any Forms, of course! ).

Since they have to pay for the return postage they have effectively paid for your poetry!
And you never know, it might brighten up the day of some poor office worker opening the post.



(…by the way, is it Guerrilla or Guerilla? I can’t find a definitive answer!)


14 thoughts on “Guerrilla Poetry Exercise: Fuck You Junk Mail!

  1. aloha ijkeddie – i have to say this is right out of postal art (mail art) concepts—a slightly mischievous one which if done right might even move into the realm of glamourbombing (a slightly different concept, which you can look up on line, it has to do with an other-worldliness belief and a full range from serious to fun actions). it’s a great variation on the idea.

    i’ve seen another suggestion which is to wait till you get two such junk mail offers. then place all the forms (unfilled out of course) from one company into the other company’s envelope and vice-versa. and then send them off.

    i’m not advocating this. it’s just a variation i’ve heard about. . . .

    i like your variation. make someone’s day good. way fun on that. aloha.

    • well, this world is unbeknownst to me but i must investigate further… i assumed i wasn’t being original with this, i was just acting like a prat on saturday morning lol

      • postal art or mail art has a very wide ranging scope—essentially anything “expressive” or any “expressive” endeavor/exploration that you can think of that can be sent through the postal service can fall under the umbrella of postal art. postal artworks (which can of course include poetic forms) in general are small, to facilitate the process of postal travel—altho I have encountered projects that have very large finished works as a goal. glamourbombing has a narrower focus, however it is much more elusive to define or explain and in some cases different groups probably have opposing opinions on what it actually is or what constitutes glamourbombing. in some instances postal art and glamourbombing overlap. it’s fun stuff to explore (imo), altho I am not as active in it now as I once was.

  2. Love your idea! We used to put the junk mail into the postage paid envelope – marked with “TAKE ME OFF YOUR TREE KILLING LIST”.
    To have them pay for my writing will be fun.
    Oh, and Thank You for following ‘Not Pretending’

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