By The Red Cliff Café

Remember remember his near death in September,
the unhinged fingers reach out, aiming for his life.

He tumbled through the red and black curtains,
dust and cobwebs failed to save him from the fall.

A crumbling road leading to edge of a red cliff,
is that empty café his last stop until midnight?

Memories swells and stab until he hits rock bottom,
he does not bleat, there’s no need for sound here.

He digs into the grouting with his fingernails
and watches it happen before his very eyes.

In the patchwork of repeated scenes of decisions,
a game is made out of his trails and errors.

A lone barren tree creaks and dead grass rustles,
the grey blue wild sky presides his judgement.

Maybe, just maybe, he is comfortable with himself
but it’s the world that isn’t comfortable with him.

Putting his predicament aside, he lights a cigarette
and attempts to build a house of cards.

5 thoughts on “By The Red Cliff Café

  1. You know it’s really strange, but some of your imagery seems to spring from the pages of my life. Are you like the queer male doppelganger for my lesbian American self???

    • well i do often consider myself to be an American Lesbian trapped in a British Gay Man’s body 😉

      thank you so very much for your comments and enthusiasm for my stuff 😀

  2. I love love love the opening line. Your writing and description sparks some great imagery. I also love the title of this piece – it reminds me of a title Jack Vettriano might use for his paintings 🙂

    • wow, funny you should mention him!
      as i’m sat here with my laptop at the dining table a print of the singing butler it on the wall directly in front of me! it was here in the flat when we moved in lol may be it’s been more of an inspiration on me than i realise… x

      • Wow, that is really strange that you write in front of a Vettriano 🙂 I have just had another look at The Singing Butler and it is such a lovely piece isn’t it. The people and their movement on the canvas – I could stare at it for ages 🙂 I really like your title By The Red Cliff Cafe. If one day I should ever own a cafe, I shall call it this 🙂

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