2007, Mid-June

Arm and cigarette hang out of the bedroom window,
a half full ash tray sits on the sill with me,
you are on my bed, cross legged and thinking.
Christmas lights are draped over a smeared mirror,
dead soldiers and empty commanders on the shelf,
sixties soul and late night grooves on random,
we’re on fresh coffee and yesterdays wine,
still hungover from the last few nights.
It’s two in the morning and we have writers block,
Pan’s Labyrinth and the profiteroles are waiting.


4 thoughts on “2007, Mid-June

    • it wasn’t a particularly special night but it has always stuck with me as a happy memory, it’s been on my mind today for some unknown reason so i thought i’d better write it down 🙂

      • Oh I love it when that happens – something from the past hits you square in the imagination and creates a clear image, as though looking at a photograph of it. Well you described the image perfectly (to my mind) and that’s a talent you have.

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