My Capriciousness V

Eyelash caught
in apple flesh.
I may be young
but I have lived enough of a life
to know to not get involved with
A freeing feeling is found
in realising that I have no need to
look anyone of these people
in the eye.
I don’t want to
and I don’t have to,
they don’t deserve a chance
to look into my soul.
Cutting to the chase
has loosened the ropes,
maybe the chase was the ropes.
Slowly turning my life
into one of those cartoons
where you never the see
the faces of adults.
I am one in a many
long line of people
who hide their faces
behind coffee cups.
Collect them as you move along,
they and you may never
find each other again.
Covered in their removed skin,
playing scratchies
with my engagement ring
in a bathroom stall
makes me believe
I’m in Vegas.
The world is vicious and boring here,
I’m staying behind the cups.
I have no idea whether I’m intelligent
or stupid or both or neither.
I simply can’t wait
to dance in the rain.
Tell me why you care.


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