Twitter #MicroPoetry (No.6 – 10)

140 No.6

Here I go again on my rocking horse,
riding towards hope’s white flame,
his oak gallop fills the room at night,
I scream and smash the lamp.


140 No.7

Were those ideas yours or mine?
At least we’re ambivalent.
We are in a secluded corner,
with a view of the world passing us by.
Who are you?


140 No.8

Break away
and get out of the ears,
the poison will run you down
at high speeds,
fauns will dance on your grave
if you’re not careful.


140 No.9

Fingers concertina
under pressure.
Legs cross one way
then the other,
knots are tied in bones.
Fight or flight?
Why not both,
with yourself.


140 No.10

The last wisps of smoke escape
as cold breathing evens out.
Stroking beard so softly,
fidgeting fades out to stillness,
a distance is found.


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