Twitter #MicroPoetry (No.1 – 5)

140 No.1

Lost within swirling pains,
stabbed by a doll’s hunting knife,
luckily shunned by your boring,
pieces emerge faster now,
shooting out Pluto.


140 No.2

The boy has anonymous women around his thighs.
Something is missing in the cobbles.
Lights locked in a glass box.
Death will be on the wind.


140 No.3

Wolves will gather in the days to come,
our children’s children will never be safe.
Ignore the copper and run,
time will stop when you want.


140 No.4

Lying face down
hanging your head over a cliff.

You drag your body back with your toes,
hands to the sea,
the birds refused to get involved.


140 No.5

Frantic actions,
next one! Next one! Next one!
You’re losing all the time left
and you haven’t tried hard enough!
Don’t let the sand gather!


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