Closing Down

OK you win!
Everything must go,
the closing down sale has begun!
Seventy five percent off…
Off my attempts at socialising!
Off my attempts to get involved,
To integrate!
And my attempts at being part of the team!
One last day,
then never again!
Final reductions!
When they’re gone,
they are gone!
It’s time to gut the shop
and rip out these fittings.
I tried to overcome my anxieties,
attempts were honestly made,
and they had seemed to be accepted,
but now the market has turned
and I’m liquidating my assets.
Why do people
spend so much time and effort
on trying to get you involved
and then when they succeed
they can’t wait to kick you out?
Regardless as too why,
they do, and they have.
So I’m giving up,
time to put up the walls


5 thoughts on “Closing Down

  1. Many people are simply assholes. Look for the full-bodied ones- the ones who have a heart and a brain would be a good start. It’s probably not you, so don’t worry about it…

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