Other in the UK

Why do I have to be
on the defense all the time?
Wishing to live my life quietly
and unassumingly with my love.
On the television screen
and outside my window
the idiots are rising up,
shouting their hearts out.
I live in fear
as a second class citizen
in Great Britain.
Morons march on
without purpose or clue,
protest is a word
to liberally used
these days,
unintelligible rabble
of frustration
and false entitlement,
no reason, logic or truth,
as sweeping generalisations
sweep the nation,
attempting to sweep
the reasonable
under the carpet.
I crave dark corners
and isolated islands
away from the ignorant.


One thought on “Other in the UK

  1. I think sensationalist tabloid journalism has a lot to answer for, but it’s far from being the only cause of these problems, unfortunately.

    I think the story about the Mosque in York was a real ray of hope though.

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